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Can Alteryx detemine which container to run based on date?

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I have a workflow that is generating a report for one group on the 1st day of the month and a different group on the 2nd day of the month. Each group has it's own needs regarding format, which data to include, etc. so I have the initial data pull, then the workflow branches out into two different containers, one for each group. I need to set up the workflow so that it will run the appropriate container on the appropriate day. Seems like a job for an analytic app? I've done a couple of analytic apps so far but they both require the end user to make a selection before running. Note - this will be on our server and will be scheduled so it has to run on it's own - no selection criteria from users. Is this possible?  Any tips? Thanks!

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Would something like this do what you need?




So filter the data out based on the day of the month?


Adam Riley
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Thanks Adam! I was just coming here to say I figured out a non-app way to do it, and this is what I'd done. Great minds think alike!