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Build analytic app with user selection Date range and List

8 - Asteroid

Hi All,


I am new to building analytics app so struggling to with this issue.


I want to build a app WF in which the user can select the "start date" and "End date" along with list selection "Product Type". In the "Product type" list, the user can select single or multiple product type.


Please see the sample dataset .


Thank you!

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @ArnabSengupta,


You would need to have two filters in the workflow:

1 for Start AND End Date

2 for Product Type


These filters will need an Interface tool then an action tool connected into the lightning anchor on top of each.


For the Product type you could use a list box interface updating an IN () function.


I've attached a workflow, please let me know if this is the kind of solution that you were looking for?


Joe Lipski