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Analytic App: Using Multi-Line Text Box on a Filter

7 - Meteor

Main Goal: Create an analytic app that allows users to input multiple names in order to search for a user's information. Ii currently have an app that does this but users have to input information 1 at a time.

Main Problem: Using the multi-line functionality in the Text Box tool to update a filter with the user's selections.

Attachments: I attached an example of the app and it resembles my current app that only searches for names 1 at a time. 




This is how I'd approach it. Instead of updating the filter, take the user input and update a Text Input. I've built the example so that it accepts a comma, space and new line separated values in the user input. I then use the Text To Columns to use those delimiters to split the data into individual rows which are then fed into Find Replace. If any of the values are found, I append a Flag with a value 1.


Example attached.



7 - Meteor

Thank you! This works perfectly!


I like how simple your solution.

7 - Meteor

If you want to use the multi-line text input tool, then the delimiter for the Text-to-Columns tool is "\r\n" (without the quotes).

7 - Meteor

Genius, I appreciate your solution, thank you! I was hoping that the solution was a bit more intuitive out of the box, but again appreciate and understand the solution.

5 - Atom

Thank you it is very easy to implement.