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I want to fill the below rows with upper rows information by some condition

8 - Asteroid

as you can see ,ColC with 0 has values and non-values ,while expect 0 ,with always keep empty .

now we want to fill the data to non-o with 0 's information .

fill the value Group by ColA Col B with Colc C = 0

raw data : 

can we get the expected data by programming ?expected data:


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @wu cong? , thank you for your question.

The function you're looking for is the FILL() function. It fills any missing or null values in the specified column with the most recent non-blank value, as determined by the specified window of rows before and after the blank value.


You can see the function's documentation here


And the solution looks like this:

See that while the original order of the rows changes, the desired output is the same.

  • Grouped by ColA+ColB
  • Sorted by ColC (Sorting by $sourcerownumber would do the trick as well, but I think it's safer to go with ColC)
  • filling all empty\null values in a specified group with the non-empty value that precedes it


I've left the 2nd and 3rd parameters of the FILL() function empty, as they're optional and weren't needed for this operation; feel free to read about them either through the function builder in Trifacta itself or via the documentation I've sent.


I hope this makes sense; please feel free to ask any additional questions.





6 - Meteoroid

 can we see an example please