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We are updating the requirements for Community registration. As of 7/21/21 all users will be required to register a phone number with their My Alteryx accounts. If you have already registered, you will be prompted on your next login to add your phone number.

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Beta Program - Action Required   What? Improvements to our licensing technology require that beta program participant re-license the beta software using the same keys available on the left hand side of the Centercode interface under the 'Beta License Keys' link.   Who? All Alteryx beta program participants who want to continue testing the currently available and future pre-release builds. When? This licensing system update was implemented on Monday, July 30, 2018. Until you 're-license' by re-installing and re-licensing you wont be able to use beta software. Why? This licensing update will help us set the stage for our 2018.4 Beta Program (and others in the future). It includes enhancements and bug fixes to make licensing Alteryx fast and easy. How? Re-license your beta license keys using the steps below   1) Upon Launch of your Designer using Beta license key, you'll be prompted for your license keys   figure 1 - Initial Launch - Not Licensed Anymore    2) Log into Alteryx Beta program ( and select copy the 'Alteryx Designer' beta license key:    figure 2 - Location of beta license keys at   3) Paste the Beta license Key into the 'License keys' field and click Activate button.  Provide additional detail as requested and click Activate button    figure 3 - Provide user metadata   4) Success!  You can now use Alteryx Beta again.    figure 4 - Back to Alteryxing everything!   5) You may shortly receive an email from indicating that you can resent your FlexNet account password    figure 4 - Email from Flexera (License Management Provider)   Thanks again for your time and attention. Alter Everything! The Alteryx Beta Team Questions?
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We appreciate your ideas on how we can best enhance each of our products. However, before submitting an idea please be sure to review our submission guidelines.
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My Alteryx - New Single Sign-On FAQ
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