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Do you ever get the feeling that there are occasionally things that just don’t always make sense? Like the weather being all over the place, or something just feeling “off”? That experience happens to many of us during the past month – things are usually thrown into a tizzy right when things start, as everyone wants to hit the ground running immediately after holiday schedules throw the usual schedule into flux. Luckily, even with that all over the place experience of last month, we still had some really great stuff happening in the community (even if we can’t decide what temperature it should be sometimes).



Need to Know


Our development team spent most of the sprint doing bug fixes and code cleaning to ensure we started the year on the right foot. Most of the bugs we corrected were around Gallery, including an issue within the download counter, a duplication issue visible on our filter page, and a handful of other features that needed to be optimized. We also did some behavior updating, because you don’t fully know how something is going to look until it’s right in front of you right? So, we moved the Submit to Gallery button up to make it a bit easier to find and added a new label for Data Connectors.


You might have also noticed our email domain changed. This was to help streamline some emailing issues, and while we should still appear in your inbox, if you’re noticing a decrease in emails from our side be sure to check your spam for our new email domain! We’re also officially no longer accepting Use Case submissions as this time and have since removed the submit button for all Use Case pages.


While we made a lot of minor updates, we can’t run through all of them here. So be sure to check out our Version History for a complete list of updates and changes.



Community News


December is always a little strange when it comes to any community, and ours is no exception. People are often so busy, in and out of the office, and it can be hard to really focus on what’s going on in a digital space – but with that being said, we still had some awesome stuff happen in the Alteryx Community!


We had a great December activity run by our ACEs in the General Forum called Advent of Code – if you didn’t get a chance to participate during the live posts, they’re stil up and available here. Advent of Code is a wonderful way to dip your toes into some problem solving by using new skills and brushing up on some that might be a little rusty – if you haven’t taken a look yet, definitely check the series out if you want to challenge yourself!


The community team did something fun (and also helpful!) for all new community members last month – added some wonderful new intro videos to the community! Getting going in a new online community can be overwhelming sometimes, and though we have all our documentation available, walls of text aren’t always the best approach for everyone, and we realize that. Check out the videos on joining the community and getting your journey started – and bonus points if you can identify the voice of our mysterious narrator (hint: she may or may not be the co-author of this blog, @KylieF ).


Finally, we’ve got a couple of things that you can participate in that are going on right now and are certainly worth your time! First off, a HUGE shout out to @NicoleJohnson , who is an absolute beast when it comes to knowing the ropes of Alteryx. Nicole worked on creating a brand new set of weekly challenges that just went live in Community earlier this week. These are additive challenges and are definitely worth checking out and participating in – so what are you waiting for? Head on over to learn from the International Bank of Awesome Data!


The last thing to be aware of is that we've also got a really great forum event going over in General right now – as all of us know, analytics is an important aspect of every industry at this point. But it’s still something often thought of as overly advanced or scary to people. We want you to think to yourself about why it’s important to have at least a foundational understanding of analytics and share it with the community, essentially answering the question of “What’s your why?”. If you get a response posted by the end of the time frame for entries you’ll also be given a chance to get some fun swag in our raffle to kick off 2022!



Read and Listen


December podcasts featured stories about the intersection of analytics and data science with children: Making the case for data literacy in schools and Shaping safety policies for children in AI enabled spaces.


Over on the blog, we closed out one great series in @DanM’s McLaren Formula 1 Team Blog and started a new series with Alteryx Server Starter Architectures.


Finally, since we announced the launch of Gallery on Community in December, we’re excited to start featuring contributions in this monthly highlights. For December, we’re calling out @rpaugh’s Outlook Input Tool. Rick released this tool back in 2017 and has been updating it regularly based on user feedback since. Indeed, this tool has been one of Gallery’s most popular downloads!


Final Thoughts


Welp, that's all she wrote – another round-up of the things that are happening in and around the Alteryx Community is wrapping up, just as 2021 did. If there’s anything you want to call out, let us know in the comments below. We’re looking forward to everything that happens this year in the community, and as always, we’ll keep you posted on all the great stuff you’ll want to know!


Will Machin
Community Manager

Will runs community engagement programs for the Alteryx Community and wants to ensure that all members get the resources, activity, and information they need. He is always open to hear feedback and ideas and loves connecting with everyone in the community to strengthen relationships and build strong ties.

Will runs community engagement programs for the Alteryx Community and wants to ensure that all members get the resources, activity, and information they need. He is always open to hear feedback and ideas and loves connecting with everyone in the community to strengthen relationships and build strong ties.