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What to do next?

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Hello everyone, 


I've been participating in the ADAPT Program offered by Alteryx since May 2020. Ever since I lost my previous job due to COVID-19, I've made it my goal to reinvent myself. Since then, I've become Core Certified, Advanced Certified, and I completed the Udacity Predictive Analytics for Business Course. Now, I'm at the tail end of the program. My license officially ends the beginning of November, which is a little more than a month from now. I would like to know from you; With the time I have left of my Alteryx license, what would be the best use of my time? Obviously, my goal at the end of all this would be to make a career out of Data Analytics or Analysis. I've been learning more about Tableau a bit recently, and I'm curious about using Python with Alteryx. But I would like to hear from you what would be the most useful thing I can do next. Whether it's a certain project or another course. I'm still doing the Weekly Challenges as well to learn more about Macros, Analytic Apps, Spatial tools, etc. Anyway, thank you for reading. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 





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Hello @Nicholas_Norton ,


Stating the obvious here. It sounds to me like you have a good profile. 


Job hunting is the obvious next step. COVID should not stop you and despite Analytics is a tricky area, you should have some options out there. Job hunting, job hunting job hunting never stop.


send your resume wherever you think you have a shot and it will work out. 


What you have learnt is sufficient to land you a job

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Hi @Nicholas_Norton ,


Go through this Article. It was posted right after ADAPT.



Hope this helps 🙂


All the best 😊👍


@Nicholas_Norton getting Advanced Certified is HUGE! The global economy is in a bit of a strange situation at the moment, but you have a skill set that can operate virtually which may be exactly what a company is looking for. As @ImadZidan mentioned above I would definitely check some of the online job postings and specifically search for Alteryx in the description. https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/search/?keywords=alteryx - LinkedIn for example


Business Intelligence roles are definitely in demand, so I would start putting your feelers out there and applying to jobs. If someone gives you access to a variety of data sources and asks you questions about them, do you feel confident in your ability to extract insights and tell the story behind the data? If you do, you are in a great spot! If not, I would practice those skills if your goal is to work in data analytics. 



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Thanks @atcodedog05 for that link! I hadn't seen that before you posted it. I'll take a look at it! 😁👍

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@ImadZidan Thank you. It's reassuring to hear that my efforts haven't been in vain. I've already applied to a couple places, but I guess now is as good of a time as any to kick it up a notch. I appreciate the advice!

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@BrandonB Thank you for your advice and support on LinkedIn! I'll definitely use that job search link you posted! 


In terms of extracting insights... I would say that I'm capable, but not yet confident. Thanks for bringing that to my attention! I'll try to work on it. 

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@Nicholas_Norton — In the context of your ask :

With the time I have left of my Alteryx license, what would be the best use of my time? 

I would suggest you to join us and try to answer the real world queries through Alteryx Designer Discussions.

This is how you can practice more, boost your speed to solve the challenges, and build a stronger Alteryx profile for your resume.


I liked what @BrandonB has highlighted - "do you feel confident....."