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Alteryx license renewal after Core Cert and Udacity access

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I'm a member of the ADAPT program. I passed the Core Certification last Thursday (9/17/20) and my initial 90 day license to Alteryx Designer ended on Sunday 9/20/20. How long does it take to get the license renewal for the software and how long does it usually take to get the 30 day allowance for the Udacity nanodegree program? 


What email addresses are available at Udacity and Alteryx if I have questions about this?  I already have a Udacity account with the same email as I've used for this program due to a previously completed nanodegree in SQL. I just need to get access to the program and the additional license.


Thanks for your help! I'm excited to finish up the program!



11 - Bolide

Congrats on passing Core! I realize this is an old question but for anyone else who might need it answered: If you have made a Udacity account it should take them about one business week to get you your new Alteryx license. Any longer than that and I would contact support@udacity.com.


In the meantime you could brush up on statistics or other relevant skills using Udacity's free courses, or go through Alteryx's Academy interactive lessons on Data Science, which is a good overview of the things covered by the Udacity Predictive Analytics for Business course (but less in depth). 


Hope this helps,