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Weekly Challenge #120 on Day 2, Week 3 of ADAPT!!

8 - Asteroid

Hi there,


Am I crazy in thinking that it is a bit of a stretch putting Weekly Challenge #120 in Week 3 of the ADAPT programme? The solution includes Parse, Multirow Formulas, Summarise AND Auto Field functions, none of which have been covered up to that point.


Are you trying to confuse or stretch us 🙂


Personally, I found it a good leaping off point to research these other functions once I looked at the solution, but I'd have never got the solution on my own - it might be a bit too disheartening for others!! Just a thought......



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @KirstyHarvey ,


I've looked at the tools covered before the challenge and it is difficult as Regex and Formula tools aren't covered yet at this point.


That is hard to begin challenges without knowing Summarize and Formula tool 😕


Also you are right, that can be discouraging for a large part of people.




Thanks for the feedback, @KirstyHarvey!  We'll make sure we relay this back to the @AYXAcademy team.


Just out of curiosity, after familiarizing yourself with other tools, were you able to go back and give it a shot?  Is there  challenge you came across that you think would be more appropriate for that part of the program?


Excited to hear how the ADAPT program is making an impact on you!

8 - Asteroid

Hi there,


I now understand how the other tools are used in that scenario, but want to learn their functionality from scratch, so I'll go back after the end of week 5 and have a go!!


I will also take some more of the weekly challenges and let you know if any of them are more suited (ideally they will be ones that only use Filter, Sort, Sample, T2C, Unique, Union and Join).


I think a challenge that looks into detail at Data types would also be good (i.e. learning when and why to change the data type and what effect that will have on your result), as that is SUCH a key to unlocking the answer in some scenarios, and I think more of an emphasis should be placed as this is a real "covering the basics" part of the course. I'll have a think if I can submit something if I can't find anything that matches.


Is there a more direct way to feedback on the training, as I have noticed another couple of items which may need correcting!! (I have spent much of my career delivering training, so I am eagle eyed in that respect, just wanted to help out).


Loving the course - thank you so much!!



5 - Atom

Hi AFG Team - I'd like to echo Kristi Harvey's comments about this challenge. As a newbie, I'd never be able to find this solution on my own. Is completing this exercise a requirement to continue the Fundamentals course? Can I complete my learning path through week 5 - and then return to complete the exercises? That was my intention all along, in order to prepare for the core certification. For me, the first time through is more an overview of the toolset.


Thanks and I'm also enjoying the course very much -    

Jim Faith

9 - Comet


I personally found it quite challenging but not impossible. The only tool that I used that was not previously covered was the Regex tool. I felt like the prior lessons prepared me so that I know where to look in order to figure out how to use Regex. Sure enough, I figured out how to use it by reading the community questions. Once I figured that one out, everything else was easy. It definitely took me more than the estimated time.


Although Regex is in the advanced category, I do think that reminding students how to use resources to figure it out is a great way to get us prepared for the exam. 


I just started working on the beginner challenges, so I will let you know if I find one that would be a good replacement for it. 

6 - Meteoroid

I was able to solve the challenge using Basic tools covered so far up to week 3. You do not need to learn advanced tools solve the challenge.