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Finished Udacity Nanodegree! And a Question-

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I finally finished my Udacity nanodegree, thank you ADAPT program! I have a few weeks left on my Alteryx license so I am going to look into the geospatial tools which I have not had a chance to play around with yet. 

I will also take the Udacity free course on SQL, which seems to be pretty easy and necessary for my resume as well as Tableau.


I am basically doing a complete career shift, with no work experience In this field beyond using Excel and Access. So, I am focusing on getting a really solid skill set in order to just be considered for an entry level position. What am I missing? I took the free Differential Statistics course, should I do an Inferential Statistics course?  I am not planning to start a job search until the new year so I have a few more months to upskill. Thanks again!



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I am Tableau certified associate and it is also a nice tool to have in your toolkit, too. The Tableau 2020 Conference ish was last week and one of the sessions was on interactive resumes. I haven't gotten back to watch the sessions, but I think this site is an example on an interactive resume.






Udemy has some really inexpensive, like < $20 USD Tableau courses that can get you up and running. Look for anything by Kirill Erenemko. Get the whole overview first, then look for something specifically for exam prep.  I think my Tableau Certified Associate exam was $250. The exam is proctored and you are limited to a single screen. So, if you are used to plugging your laptop into a docking station with a large external monitor, you really have to practice on a tiny screen! 


A better and cheaper solution might be to build a Tableau portfolio with Make Over Monday projects. Watching the reviews online is also useful.



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@treepruner Thanks so much for this detailed and helpful suggestion! I will definitely look into this!