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Fight COVID-19 with Data: Join the Women in Data Hackathon Today

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

When looking at any issue related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one thing that we consistently turn to uncover truths and determine our next decisions: the data. There is so much data around COVID-19, from infection rates to comfortability statistics on returning back to the office. Want to get more involved in learning about these types of datasets and how they are being used to help overcome the pandemic, all while improving your analytics capabilities and presentation skills? We have a special opportunity for the Women of Analytics to get involved with a hackathon – powered by TrueCue and Women in Data – an event in which participants will team up to solve challenging, relevant problems our society faces today with limited time. The best part? You’ll get to put your Alteryx skills to the test, whether you’re new to Alteryx or are already an experienced Alteryx addict.


How do I get involved?

  • You can register for the hackathon as either a participant or a facilitator.
  • To be a participant, you do NOT need to be undertaking a degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subject.
  • Anyone with an interest in data analysis who has some experience working to shape, analyze and display data is welcome.


Register here before Oct. 6, 2020 to sign up as a participant.



Already an experienced data guru, and want to help others?

  • By signing up to be a facilitator, you can directly contribute in helping other women in their early stages of the career, while showcasing your expertise and making new friends.
  • As a facilitator, you will not be expected to work directly on the project, but to help guide a hackathon team of three to five participants.


Register here before Oct. 6, 2020 to volunteer as a facilitator.



To learn more about the Women in Data Hackathon, visit truecue.com/womenindata/hackathon.


We hope that you’ll join TrueCue and Women in Data in supporting women in analytics all while learning about the critical data in this pandemic through this hackathon opportunity.

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


My name Bingqian, and I am one of the organisers of the TrueCue Women in Data hackathon.


First of all, it's amazing to see the enthusiasm from the community! I am really excited to see so many of you signed up to the hackathon already! 


I saw there are some questions about forming a team, etc - for those of you that emailed our hackathon inbox, our team is very busy at the moment but they are trying to get back to all the enquires as soon as they can.


Let me see if I can help to provide some insights and clarify things a little bit here:


  • Regarding forming a team, you can either sign up as a team (by entering the team name in the form - @KarolinaRoza not sure why the question did not have a space for the answer but when I checked it was working), or individually and you'll be allocated into teams.
    • If you signed up individually and later joined a team (or have problem with the form), please email the inbox (womenindata@truecue.com) with your team name and we shall add this for you (probably through an Alteryx workflow!).
  • I also would like to mention that the purpose of the hackathon is to create a platform and opportunity for women and girls with different skills and level of experience to work and learn together. I'm sure within the Alteryx community there is already a lot of diversity, and it's nice to form a team here. But don't worry too much about finding a team beforehand. If you do, great! If you don't, sign up anyway. You might just find your next mentor, mentee, manager, colleague, or best friend in the team you are allocated to! 
    • We are going to allow some flexibility of the team allocation too (we understand and anticipate that some people will sign up and have to drop out during the event), so you will still have the opportunity to change things during / after the kickoff, like topping up your team with other participants or merging teams. We are still finalising the process, so will share more in the kick-off session. 
  • Lastly, on participant vs facilitator (there wasn't a question here but I felt it is the right place to talk about it considering it's the Alteryx Community) - If you are quite experienced in data analysis, please consider volunteer as a facilitator! We have received an incredible amount of interest so far, and we might have to limit the number of participating teams due to a lack of facilitators. Therefore, having those of you that have already been working in this field with valuable experience would be a really meaningful addition and would allow us to accommodate and support more participants in the hackathon. I am convinced that this is going to be one of the most essential elements to the success of this endeavour.
    • We are also creating a platform for all the facilitators to connect. There are already a lot of established "women in data" from lots of interesting companies and organisations who signed up to volunteer, so I am sure you will enjoy being part of the facilitator community and connecting with them!
    • If you are considering becoming a facilitator, you can find some explanations on the expectations in the FAQ section at the bottom of the hackathon page: https://truecue.com/womenindata/hackathon/ 
    • We welcome any gender to become facilitators, so feel free to spread the word - we need everyone to come together to support the next generation of women in data!  


I hope this helps. And please do feel free to continue to ask questions or share your thoughts on this. It is going to be our first virtual hackathon so we are learning as we go, but it's going to be great!

9 - Comet

Okay, so does anyone have a good name? I'm trying to think, but I can't think of a good one. 

7 - Meteor

No bright ideas re name so far...

7 - Meteor

Leeial NilahG sucansa Please send me a private message with the name and email address you used to sign up.

I already have the info for you KarolinaRoza . That makes 5 of us for the team 🙂 Please also suggest team name so I can send off the email.

Excited about meeting and working with you guys! 🙃


11 - Bolide



I realized that I did not sign up correctly, so I did it one more time already (now, I got confirmation). I inputted name of our team: "Galaxy Girls". Hope you like it:-)



9 - Comet


I signed up under this group!


I'm so excited! This is my first hackathon, and I'm so excited! ^_^

7 - Meteor

@Leeia_I mine too!

I had sent in the email with all our names (except NailaG because I didn't have her info), so I'm hoping it went through

Can't wait to start collaborating with you guys on this!

5 - Atom

It's ok!  Have fun ladies!  If someone can't participate let me know.  Good luck!

7 - Meteor

@Leeia_I @KarolinaRoza @sucansa The email from Reyhaneh re the group came in early this morning, but it went to spam, so check it out and reply. It requires a response by "midnight".