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My name is Paul!

5 - Atom


Hope everyone is doing well.

I am glad to be in this elite community group.

I am super excited in my Data Science journey.



13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @gfreshpaul !  Welcome to the Alteryx community - I think you'll find it full of friendly and helpful folks!  Be sure to make use of the community - you'll get answers to questions, direction and guidance, and get to know some great people!

Community Manager
Community Manager

And we are excited to be part of this journey with you, @gfreshpaul!


Have you started your learning path yet? In the Alteryx Academy you can find lots of great material from hands-on activities to videos, and also the weekly challenges, where you will be able to text and improve your skills. 


Have fun!

Flávia Brancato