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5 - Atom

Hello Alteryx Community,


My name is Mark Gomes and I work @ CIBC, Toronto, Canada as a Sr.Consultant in the Data and Technology Management department under the Finance umbrella.  


Alteryx is the bank's approved BI analytical tool and we have started working on some POC's to understand the functionality of Alteryx from a self serve perspective.


We are really impressed with Alteryx to design workflows using the variety of tools, connecting, blending, prepping data and automating processes which took a lot of time using Excel.


Love the tool and will continue to explore more opportunities.





9 - Comet

Hi Mark!


Welcome to the Alteryx Community!


I used to visit Toronto all the time when I was living in Rochester, New York, USA! I lived there for exactly 7 years, before I moved to Florida (West Palm Beach area, followed by Tampa - where I am now), and, after living in New Jersey for fourteen years! I loved Rochester, New York, except for 6 months of winter (November until April, inclusive). What a small world.


Like you, I love Alteryx and everything one can do with it to shave off time and expenses for my employer. It took me a bit to get through certification but I did with the Core Exam and will pursue the other two, hopefully (time-permitting), in the near future.


Good luck with it and please let me know if you need help with it - I know a fair amount.