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Hello everyone!

5 - Atom

My name is Martin R Leyva, then my user name is MrLeyva.

I am a developer, and all life I have been a systems oriented person, today I am an Applied Statistician with Business Rules knowledge and experience in Software Engineering, ERP,  Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Quality and Industrial Engineering.

I like to Travel, the Music, Languages, Wine and Healthy Food, and I am Green and Alternative Energies oriented.


Iwill be in touch!

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Welcome to the community @MrLeyva !  Your skill set should work very well for learning Alteryx.  Lots of free tutorials and learning paths in the Academy section of the community to use along your way!



5 - Atom

Thank you very much! @mbarone

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Welcome @MrLeyva  from a fellow tree-hugger!


So many shared interests! I'm also a wine-and-healthy-food-enthusiast. With languages, do you hear them as music? Always curious to find others who do that too.


Take advantage of the wonderful learning here:, to pave your way into more fun with Alteryx.




5 - Atom

Hi Esther!


Good to hear from other people who share good things about this life!