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Hello (My) New World

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Everyone, 


I'm Mohit , currently inbetween jobs and can't wait to start my analytics journy here! I have roughly 5+ years experience ranging from Operations to Accounting. Seeing the change in and importance of data, decided it's time I learn something new, something that is the future. 


So here i am, trying to learn and apply and meet new people in this fun world of data analytics! I have much to learn and i'm sure i'll get all my questions answered here and in time, surely answer a few myself !! 


My best wishes for the Community, 


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Mohit_Gupta


Thanks for introducing yourself to the Community and welcome to Alteryx family, your new world!

I totally agree, Data is the future! And it will surely be a fascinating journey for you! 


I would definitely recommend starting with Getting Started Learning Path in Alteryx Academy, and as you get more comfortable -- making an attempt at doing some of the beginner Weekly challenges since you're discovering Alteryx Designer.


 Let us know if you need any help! 

Steph Vitale-Havreng