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Hello!! Everyone

6 - Meteoroid


My name is Jai I'm from Mumbai, I currently work for an accounting firm in Mumbai and we want to implement Alteryx in our firm. we are in a phase still figuring out how to use Alteryx effectively. 

If you have any workflow or any guide which will be very helpful do comment down below. 

Kind Regards

12 - Quasar

Hey @jai_patel_02  Welcome to the Alteryx Community and thanks for introducing yourself.


Here are few tips that helps you -


  1. Interactive Lessons- - Without a doubt the Alteryx interactive lessons had been an amazing plattaform to expand knowledge of what is even possible with Alteryx. I strongly recommend to check and absorb as much as possible. Interactive Lessons - Alteryx Community.


  1. Help documentations –I started learning Alteryx through documentations in the site.   Documentation | Alteryx Help


  1. Weekly challenges- They get posted up weekly, at three different difficulty levels, by members of the Alteryx community. These challenges include data preparation, analysis, spatial and much more.  Sometimes I am not be able to complete the challenge but with a quick search at someone else’s solution I will find a way. The single biggest thing to realize about Alteryx is that there is almost always more than one way of getting to a solution - what separates the beginners from the advanced users is being able to identify which one of the multiple ways suits each particular situation. Weekly Challenge - Alteryx Community.


  1. User  Group - I am sure it will help you a lot. User Groups - Alteryx Community


  1. Tool Mastery- I have found the Tool Mastery knowledge base articles particularly useful, especially if I want to understand how and why a specific tool was used.


  1. Sample Workflows in Designer- Alteryx Designer contains a number of sample workflows to demonstrate tool functionality and use cases. We can access these directly in Designer top menu. Help > Sample workflows





  1. Discussions- And also the power of the community answering questions and posting questions...
  2. Certifications-There are three main certifications that Alteryx provides. Core, Advanced and expert. Core and advanced are free of any cost. Preparing for these exams helps a lot to enhance knowledge and upskill myself.  Certification - Alteryx Community
6 - Meteoroid