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Greetings from a Community College Educator

5 - Atom

Hi Everyone -

First, Thanks to Alteryx for sharing this wonderful tool with us.  I am truly excited to share it with students in our Data Science AAS program.  The state of NJ has an "Innovative Pathways" program that promotes easy on/off ramps between advancement in careers and education, with the goal of integrating employer desired skills and certifications into college coursework and curricula.  Alteryx Designer is a wonderful fit for our curriculum that meets these goals. 

16 - Nebula

Awesome to hear @amwright73 ! I'm sure your students will love it. I hope the Alteryx Core and Foundation Micro Certification - Alteryx Community will be mentioned they are an awesome free test of practical Analytics Skills (the core being particularly practical based) if your haven't already seen them.

16 - Nebula

Welcome! Great to see Alteryx in the classroom more. When I was in school they taught us MS Access 🤢