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Exploring Advanced Designer - Intro to APIs and Getting Data from the Web


Alteryx SparkED and the ACE Program teamed up to host our first workshop of the Exploring Advanced Designer Series, Intro to APIs and Getting Data from the Web!


This workshop series is for students who are eager for more advanced Alteryx use cases, and ready to take their skill level beyond the industry-recognized CORE certification. Throughout these trainings, Alteryx ACEs (analytics experts and community advocates) will demonstrate advanced data preparation, blending, and analyzing techniques using real-life scenarios. If you’re a fan of technology, thinking creatively, and curious about expanding your data analytics and Designers skillsets to elevate your career options, these sessions are designed for you!


Check out the recording of workshop #1 below, where Alteryx ACE and Senior Director of Business Intelligence at JLL, Chris Lewis @cplewis90, demonstrates how to generate an API Key from NASA and integrate it into Designer, specifically the astronomy picture of the day. One student commented, “When I started with Alteryx, the API thing was pretty confusing. This made it look simple.” 


Include any follow-up questions or comments in the thread! Join us for our next Workshop on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, 10 am – 12 pm MT, where Alteryx ACE & Alteryx Lead and BI Consultant at M2 Technology & Project Consulting, Alexander Gross @grossal, will discuss Simple Python Usage within Alteryx Designer. Register Here.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Thanks @MadisonD for having me! I really enjoy sharing tips and tricks about APIs and love walking through how to use ALteryx to do so. Plus who doesn't like amazing pictures of the universe from NASA's APOD