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Ask the CTO

Here's an idea to get the idea factory going:  Ask the CTO - Have a "chat" with Ned Harding and get answers to your most technical questions.


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15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora


Count me in!


PS: Does he agree to this idea? Smiley TongueMan Tongue


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12 - Quasar

Questions for the CTO-

1. The In-Database tools are critical for users dealing with 'big data' as the choke-point usually becomes your network cable and the speed at which you can pull data across your network. From a UI perspective, however it feels like a duplicate toolset and can be confusing especially to new users - ex. I have a tool for Select and In-Database Select, a tool for Filter and In-Database filter. Are their plans to make In-Database essentially an option (checkbox?) within the core tool and simplify the tool palette ?


2. Are their plans on your roadmap for a Linux-based version of Alteryx server?


3. Do you have plans for a web browser-based version of Alteryx where all work runs on a server-backend? I'm thinking of the web-authoring model within Tableau server

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We had a lot of great sessions that were suggested and will be keeping this one in mind for next year!