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Using the Gallery API to run your apps from an external website

The Gallery API is still a mystery to me as I don't have a use case for it and therefore haven't worked with it yet. I'd love to see some examples of it in action.


Hi John,


I think this is a great idea and an example would help the alteryx community. In the meantime, check out this link:


This shows how to call the alteryx api in order to edit and existing app. It's a quick reference to help someone get started.


Hope you're well!

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Hey John, 


You'll be happy to know that we're taking this idea and expanding it to Rest APIs in general with Alteryx and we've added it as a session to the Alteryx Technology Track. Thank you for your suggestion!



12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Outstanding. Thanks!

6 - Meteoroid

I am using the REST API with success but I am having difficulty specifying the parameter value(s) for a "QuestionListbox" type. The schema retruned from the "questions" api call is below. But nothing I do to indicate which of the reports are checked seems to work when I post the request. The error is always "At least 1 report must be selected." Please advise.


    "name": "ReportList",
    "type": "QuestionListBox",
    "description": "Select which reports you would like. At least one report must be selected.",
    "items": [ { "key": "Business Summary Report", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Business Summary Report</Report>" }, { "key": "Complete Demographic Summary Report", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Complete Demographic Summary Report</Report>" }, { "key": "Consumer Expenditure Food Beverage Grocery Detail Comparison", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Consumer Expenditure Food Beverage Grocery Detail Comparison</Report>" }, { "key": "Consumer Expenditure Food Beverage Grocery Detail Summary", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Consumer Expenditure Food Beverage Grocery Detail Summary</Report>" }, { "key": "Consumer Expenditure Restaurant Detail Summary", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Consumer Expenditure Restaurant Detail Summary</Report>" }, { "key": "Consumer Expenditure Summary Report", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Consumer Expenditure Summary Report</Report>" }, { "key": "Daytime Population Summary Report", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Daytime Population Summary Report</Report>" }, { "key": "Demographic Snapshot Charts Comparison", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Demographic Snapshot Charts Comparison</Report>" }, { "key": "Executive Summary Report with Charts", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Executive Summary Report with Charts</Report>" }, { "key": "Mosaic Detail Charts", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Mosaic Detail Charts</Report>" }, { "key": "Mosaic Household Comparison Report", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Mosaic Household Comparison Report</Report>" }, { "key": "Mosaic Household Summary Chart Report", "value": "<Report Type=\"summary\">Mosaic Household Summary Chart Report</Report>" } ] },