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HIMSS Webinar: Are you leveraging the power of AI to address your COVID-19 challenges?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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COVID-19 has disrupted virtually every industry in its wake, especially Healthcare which has been at the forefront in responding to this catastrophe!

Many healthcare organizations are seeking to harness the vast potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and its four components — machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and robotics to transform and automate their clinical and business processes.

The HIMSS January 2020 research report ‘Data Analytics in Healthcare’ surveyed the convergence of data analytics and AI among payers and providers.

Please check out this webinar to learn how the convergence of AI+ Analytics can help your healthcare organization proactively respond with pragmatic, actionable strategies to address the Supply Chain (SCM), Financial + Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Clinical and Digital Patient Engagement (DPE) risks and challenges you are facing today, for the post-Pandemic “New Normal”!

Please register using the link below, to access the webinar presentation.



You can also register and download the entire HIMSS Research Report from this link below:



Andy De