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Alteryx in Day to Day?

5 - Atom

Hi everyone, I am just getting into the world of Alteryx. I am excited to learn more about the program. I was wondering how do all of you use Alteryx in your day to day work?

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hello @zacjensen ,


welcome to the community! There are tons of use cases and in many different sectors (Retail, Banking, healthcare, etc). You can check those shared on the community on the following page:



Also there are as well as workflow examples that you can see and check on the weekly challenges. 

12 - Quasar

@zacjensen Welcome to the world of Alteryx . Please visit the link Alteryx Use Cases .


Hope this is helpful..:😊

12 - Quasar

@zacjensen I like to think of Alteryx as a tool to accomplish three things:

Firstly, Alteryx acts like the calculator on my desk. If I need a quick computation or analysis, it’s there for me to use. 
Secondly, Alteryx has become a great tool for me to repeat processes; for example, billing. I always make the same manipulations to a billing file, and every month I simply need to make some adjustments to my workflow - like an Excel workbook. 
Lastly, I like to use Alteryx as the platform on which I can build my own applications instead of having to pay for third party applications. If there is a system to which you upload Excel or CSV files for report generation, you can most probably do it in Alteryx. 

Just like to share! Reach out on DM if you want to hear more!



6 - Meteoroid



For me, Alteryx is a great data blender and preparation tool that outputs my data in a format ready for use with Tableau or QuickBase. Working for an airline, it's helped me answer a lot of passenger travel related questions, as well as commercial and flight schedule KPI's. But it's really fun to use for developing tools and applications imo and not just for analysis. It's just so darn versatile! Can't wait to see what you do with it!


@zacjensen Coming from a Big 4 background, I have seen Alteryx being used as part of continuous monitoring.


In the Audit space, instead of sample testing, full population coverage and automated testing can be achieved using Alteryx. It can also be event based trigger where for example, when a new PO comes in, checks and validations would be performed by Alteryx and alert user if any anomalies are detected. This also means that the operation team can now timely rectify any issues noted. When audit team goes in to perform audit review, they can be more risk focus by reviewing the rectification and explanation of the anomalies flagged by Alteryx on a regular basis. 


Hope it helps! 😄


11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

We use Alteryx to blend and prepare data before it goes to a BI application like Spotfire or PowerBI.  BI applications can do many data prep tasks, BUT there is usually a cost in terms of how long that takes.  Users don't want to wait for data to load.  So, we do that work in Alteryx and schedule it to run in the middle of the night and then it loads into BI applications faster.  I also prefer doing this type of work in Alteryx because a)  you can see the result after every single step and b) the way Alteryx has designed tools is at a very small and granular level.  Each tool is a small task, and I prefer that to the way that many BI applications are designed when it comes to data wrangling.