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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Welcome to the General forum - we're so glad you’re here! 

Whether you've been part of the Maveryx Community for years, are brand new, or simply want to expand your network, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to provide a space where analytical-minded people can connect, engage, and learn in order to drive meaningful outcomes. As part of that, we encourage you to get to know your peers by introducing yourself on this thread!  

Introduce Yourself


Reply to this thread to introduce yourself to the Community. Let us know who you are, what you do, what expertise you have to share, what you may be looking for in this community, your hobbies...anything you'd like. What you share is up to you!


We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome your Peers & Network


As new introductions are posted, we encourage everyone to get to know new members by replying to each users introduction topic. Feel free to say hello and wish them a warm welcome, ask follow-up questions, or point them to Community resources to help guide them on their journey with Alteryx.



Please Follow the Rules of Engagement 

You're more than welcome to include a link to your business' website in your introduction post, however, please don't use the post to solicit new business. Per our Community Guidelines, solicitations and advertisements are not allowed on the site.

The purpose of the Introductions thread is to build connections with your Community peers and provide a space for you to get to know each other. If you have questions about the Alteryx Platform, please visit the appropriate Product discussion board.


If you'd like to get to know the Community Team, take a peek at their intros here

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Hi everyone.


I am Richa Sharma.  I am new to Data Analytics; Physics is my all-time love as I earned my master's in it.

I love to learn new things related to Data.  

And as Big Data has five V's I have 3 C's which includes Cook, Color and Crochet.

It is so cool to learn and share the knowledge with everyone.


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Hey everyone! 

My name is Tiana and I am first-year college student aiming to enter the data and business analytics domain in the future, as i have always had a passion towards businesses and analyzing data. I began my journey with Alteryx so I can become more knowledgeable, accommodated, and comfortable with the overall platform and my potential work-field.

I am so glad to be part of this diverse and talented field, wishing everyone the best of luck on their journey! 

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Hi Everyone!


This is Andrew from Hong Kong/Canada. Nice to meet you all and I look forward to connecting with you :)



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Excited to be here! Hi everyone, Im Cecile G. from the US and i currently work in healthcare.  Thrilled to learn and eager to connect!

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Hi, I am Rakesh Acharya Working as a Data Analyst in This is an ai based company working on healthcare domain. Currently i am doing data analytics in collaboration with healthcare professionals, IT specialists and policymakers to ensure and align the broader goals of healthcare organizations. Also doing automation by converting old MySQL code into ALTERYX. Totally i have more than 13 Years of experience in Sales as well market analytics.

Have a warm feeling after joining the Alteryx academy and the community. Looking Forward

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You are Welcome.

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Hi I am Sherrie. I am from Ohio and am 40 years old. It is great to be here.

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Hello Everyone.


We are an IT firm, using Alteryx in our organization for some time. So joined this community to share valuable information with my colleagues which might help them to perform efficiently.



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Hi everyone,

I am Heidi from Houston and brand new to Alteryx. I am excited to learn more and start using Alteryx in my work here with the Assurance group. I have three dogs and love to travel to see places and meet people from other countries.


Looking forward to meeting you all and participating in this community.




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Welcome to the Alteryx Community, @heidi_sarmiento! Since you mentioned you are from Houston, I wanted to invite you to join our Houston User Group to network with other users in your area and stay up to date on current and future User Group Meetings. 😀

Flávia Brancato