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How to stop Alteryx from 'stealing focus' when starting up in Windows?

8 - Asteroid

Does anybody know how can i stop Alteryx from 'stealing focus' when starting up in windows?

Whenever Alteryx starts up, it shows the Alteryx splash screen for 10-30 seconds on top of all other Windows and this is really annoying, because i cannot do anything else, but wait for that annoying Alteryx splash screen to go away.

Does anybody have a solution for this?


Alteryx stealing focus.jpg

6 - Meteoroid

You could try removing Alteryx from starting up automatically whenever you boot up:


That way you can just manually start it up once all your other programs have started up or you have completed what you need to do during start up. 

12 - Quasar

@glenperes You should be able to click on that blue splash screen, and it will go away while Designer finishes starting up. I see you're using 2020.4, so this may have changed, but clicking on it worked in previous versions.

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Hi @kelly_gilbert,


Wow, this works. That was mindblowing thank you!

12 - Quasar

@Emil_Kos I don't remember who showed this to me years ago, but it was life changing!!

Note, I saw there is a known issue in 2020.2 (DE24306) where this can sometimes cause the Alteryx icon not to appear in the taskbar. I've never had that happen myself, but good to know!

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Thanks a lot @kelly_gilbert 

Clicking on the blue splash screen does make it go away, such a simple solution!