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How to @Mention People in Posts in the Alteryx Community

11 - Bolide

Hello Everyone!


I know this isn't a Gallery or Publishing question, but there is no "Community" discussion board so here I am!


I see many posts in the Community that have hyperlinks with "@" and then a member's username highlighted in light blue. I believe this is called "@mentioning" or something. I would like to be able to mention people in my posts. My colleague showed me that when he types the "@" symbol when replying to a post, a list of usernames immediately appears and he can choose one. This does not happen for me. Can someone please tell me how to accomplish this? Is there a specific setting I need to change in the Community or my web browser?


(This problem occurs in both Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome V51; My "Turn on tagging" and "Show tags in posts" Community settings are checked)


Thank you!

8 - Asteroid

HI Julie!


Do you think you could mention the @mentions unlocking on the User Ranks FAQ page?  Along with any other details about what features/privileges are linked with different levels?


That kind of information would really be helpful!




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Great suggestion @jlefeaux, thank you! We'll make sure that we update the thread to include the perks you can earn for ranking up.

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UPDATE! -- We've since made a slight adjustment to our ranking requirements and the @mention feature is now available to users who've achieved Meteoroid status and above.


Find out more about User Ranks here.

7 - Meteor

Hi Leah,


Why would the @mention feature be tagged to the level of the user, for instance i have recently joined the community and would like to share my idea with the group using the @mention feature and i can't.

It seems a bit odd,  please let me know if haven't understood this right.




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Great question @Deeksha, and welcome to our Community! The reason we do not automatically grant the ability to call out individuals via the @mention feature is because we view it as a privilege that should be earned.


While rare, we have seen this feature abused in the past. An example of what we would consider abuse in this case, is at mentioning an Alteryx associate every single time you pose a question.


In most cases, it's not necessary to call out a specific person when asking a question or sharing an idea with the Community :) Because 99% of our users do not abuse the privilege we have made it quite a bit easier to obtain.

7 - Meteor

@MarqueeCrew this answer was of great help. Thanks!