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Do you have an organizational or personal way of documenting workflows?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@aguisande, that's definitely the plan :) The combination of responses we've received here, will make an excellent asset!

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement

12 - Quasar

We've been working to create some standard practices so that workflows and documentation are similar across several developers. Some key things:


1. A general layout system where we group tools into three Tool Container categories: Input (with a specific color), Transformations (with a different specific color), and Output (with a specific color). This was done for ETL work. In the future, we'll probably add some additional categories, such as analysis. Within these containers, the workflow can be grouped and documented further.


2. Have standardized annotation text template. Why? Because it reduces the amount of thought needed to annotate a took, removing one more barrier to getting everybody to document processes. They don't always fit, but most of the time they are great jumping off points. These are just starting to be implemented and tested, so may change.


Annotation guidelines by tool type. Do not use the tool name in the descriptive annotation. Use short phrases in present tense, rather than complete sentences. Where possible, descriptions should simply contain a verb and field name(s).

Tool type

Annotation contents



“Remove” + record description OR “Retain” + record description

Remove blank records

Retain records with data
Retain records with PIN = Premises


“If <field, condition>…” (followed by “…Then/Else…” on subsequent tools)

If Collection State has no data…


"Match on" + field names used to join tables (or descriptive names for fields, if field names are not intuitive)

Match on Order ID


Brief description of what is achieved by summary

Remove duplicates


Brief description of what is achieved by formula

Convert Test Code to uppercase
Trim whitespace

Set Test Code to blank

Input Data/Text, Connect In-DB

Filename (if applicable): Fields used from this data source (or descriptive names for fields, if field names are not intuitive), comma-separated

PIN, Submission Reason
location.csv: Location ID, Address

Output Data

Filename (if applicable), automatically populated by Alteryx

Output.xls Table=‘Sheet1$’


“Record changes to log”

Record changes to log