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Calling for podcast sound bites: send in your tips for staying engaged

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

We’ve started a couple of new threads on the Community to share tips for keeping your kiddos engaged at home, and for showing off pictures of your decked-out work from home stations. There have been so many great tips so far, and now I’d like to open up a new way to share your thoughts: voice memos!

dog phone.gif

Audio is such a great way to feel socially connected, and I'm working on producing a new Alter Everything podcast episode focused on keeping yourself and your kids engaged as we all adapt to changes in lifestyle.

Never done this before? It’s easy! Here’s some prompts to help you think about what you can submit, although the options really are limitless!


  • How are you using your analytics expertise to solve new, unique challenges for your business or community? 
  • If you’re now “commuting” to your home office instead of across town, how have you adapted your morning/afternoon routines to make sure you’re able to feel a work/life separation?
  • How have you established a morning routine with your kids? Evening routines?
  • Still struggling to establish a routine for yourself and your kids? Share that struggle with us! (I know I can definitely relate to this one).
  • How are you dealing with rambunctious pets in the house? (@LaurenU I know you have some stories to tell...)
  • How do you structure your work time with kids in the house?
  • What do your lunches look like now? Are you able to create better, more elaborate meals now that you don’t have to reheat your lunch like you would in the office? Share your favorite recipe!
  • Are you taking breaks throughout the day? What do you do during those breaks?
  • Is this your first time working from home for an extended period of time? How do you like it overall so far?
  • What questions are you getting from your kids? How are you answering them?
  • Are you able to get any “extra curricular activities” done, such as blogging, more Weekly Challenges, training, etc.?
  • Are your kids able to still create music and art? How are they staying active? (@TaraM your viola story would be perfect for this!)
  • Are your kids able to connect virtually with their peers? Any tips for other parents on how to set this up?
  • Have some general hopeful stories? Mindfulness tips? Please share these as well!

  Once you’ve identified what you’d like to share in your voice memo, be sure to keep the following in mind:


  • You’re welcome to share your name, how long you’ve been using Alteryx, your company or job title, what city you’re calling from, etc. However, this is not required. If you choose to remain anonymous in the audio or use an alias that’s totally fine.
    • Please note that you will need to share your name with me when you send in your voice memo, but if you want to be anonymous, please make that clear in your recording and in your email.
  • You’re welcome to use this activity as an opportunity to engage your kids by having them record their responses. Same rules apply as above - be sure to make it clear to me if you want their memo to be anonymous.
  • I would love to for this episode to be positive overall, but also want to keep it real and I think it’s important to talk about challenges. If you’d like to share your challenges please do so without using any fear messaging, and if possible, would be great to hear how you’re putting a positive spin on that challenge.
  • Depending on the number of responses received, I may not be able to feature all of them in a single episode. However, I greatly appreciate your participation and will try and include as many as I can.

Okay, now that you’re excited about this, here’s how to actually do it!

*The screenshots below are from the standard iPhone Voice Memo app, but there are several apps with a similar process.


1. Open up your Voice Memo app on your iPhone or Android and start a new recording. You’ll see sound waves appear as you start talking to indicate that you’re capturing audio.




2. You can do some quick editing in directly in the app if you need to make any cuts.


Image from iOS (1).png


3. Click on the three dots highlighted (highlighted in screenshot) to pull up the options seen in screenshot. Select “Share"


Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 1.33.08 PM.png


4. Select your email icon, to compose an email to



5. Please include your name in your email (just for my purposes) and if you want to be kept anonymous, please make that clear. You can also see that the voice memo has been attached in the email. Hit send once you're done composing the email.



Engagement is as easy as that!


Looking forward to hearing all of your tips, and sharing them with our podcast audience around the world! 

10 - Fireball

Brilliant Idea, @MaddieJ . 


Have few quick thoughts here -


1) Since you have suggested multiple topics, could we pick one and share a voice memo of a couple of minutes and forward it to you or drop it off in the attachment here.  Please let us know and then remember to put off notifications for your emails . 😛 

2) It might be a great idea to hear of people's Alteryx rituals or OCD habits? I think some people might talk for hours on that e.g. the need to have everything in containers.

3) going back memory lane to the first time they created an alteryx workflow- could be #MajorThrowback moment for people and bring a sense of pride/ joy to see how life has changed with Alteryx.

4) Getting ideas for an Alteryx wishlist - I wish Alteryx had ... 

5) Best compliment received from a customer/colleague or charity on the change that Alteryx has brought to them. 



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hey @SubratDas5,


Glad you like the idea! My responses numbered according to your thoughts:


1. Absolutely! Feel free to pick and choose any topics that you're interested in talking about, and email your recording to

2. Love this idea - anything you'd like to share is fair game. I agree, everyone has their own unique approach to Alteryx and those stories are always fun.

3. Throwbacks are fantastic! I would love to hear the story of your first workflow and how you've improved so far.

4. Definitely - be sure to submit them on the ideas boards as well so our teams can take a look!

5. LOVE this idea. Let's shed light on the amazing work you're doing to help your community and colleagues!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

@MaddieJ - Here's what the Javelin Group Locations & Analytics Team have been doing to keep motivated and competitive during lockdown:


Let me know if you'd like any of this vocally for the pod!

Joe Lipski
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



@Joe_Lipski This is absolutely genius, and perfect for the pod. Would you be willing to send in a voice memo recap about it? Or, if you think your team would be up for participating individually, I'd be happy to feature!