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Alteryx in Accounting

5 - Atom

Hi Alteryx Community,


I have really enjoyed learning Alteryx as a student at CSUF. We have been able to clean some different data sets relatively easily which is great. As someone that wants to enter the accounting field as an external auditor, it would be great to hear from some people in the same field about how they use Alteryx on a daily basis. 


I look forward to all your answers!

12 - Quasar

@mjcunningham - you may also want to check out the Tax, Audit + Office of Finance industry user group, if you haven't already. "No matter who you work for or what your title is - if there's money in your data, this user group is for you!"

5 - Atom

I'm a CPA moving out of any and all accounting departments, I've done everything there is to do in an accounting department. 


I know there is value in an auditor being able to ETL (extract/transform/load) data sets.  I've seen Deloitte and PWC using ETL tools.


Good luck!