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After Udacity Nanodegree in Predictive Analytics for Business

7 - Meteor

I just completed the Udacity Nanodegree this week. I was really impressed with the course and learnt a lot.


But where do i go next? There are lots of other tools in Predictive in Alteryx that were not covered in the course. Is there a follow on Nanodegree?


What have other people who have completed the course moved on to?

13 - Pulsar

Hi, @shayward 


After the Udacity nanodegree, I've been doing the following:


1. Check out Alteryx Academy Interactive lessons (I completed my nanodegree in 2016, and I don't think interactive was an option then) and complete the lessons + get Alteryx Core Certified

2. Participate as you can in the Alteryx Community + solve as many of the weekly challenges as you can (there are over 200 by now) + get Alteryx Expert Certified

3. Check out Udemy (there are two or more pretty good courses/ Masterclasses based on Real-World examples. Udemy specials are common so you can pick up the courses for less than $15 each)

4. Check out the Use Cases and see if you can leverage any idea or get inspired by them to test and learn in your current role

5. Look out for the next Alteryx Inspire Conference and attend if you can (along a Track that's most meaningful for you).


I hope this helps.

DM me, if that's okay. It would be cool to chat about what the Udacity program looks like today versus 4 years ago!