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SAP tables and fields for Duplicate Payments

5 - Atom

“Does anyone have suggestions for what tables to reference in SAP to identify duplicate vendor payments?”

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Yo_Naka,


Please use the following workflow as your starting point https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/SAP-General-Ledger---Extract-G-L-Accounting-Data--Table-Extr/5da04...


You will need to apply some filters to the BKPF table used in the workflow to isolate the vendor data:


Set KOART = "K"

Set SHKZG = "S"

Set XZHAL = "X"


Anyway, email me at darron.walton@dvwsolutions.com and I'll set up a call to help you out.



Darron Walton

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