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Running a Workflow in the Alteryx Gallery using an API

7 - Meteor

We have deployed an analytic App in our private gallery, and we are able to run the workflow using the Alteryx API (see here).

However, we can't see the runs that are invoked via the REST API in the Workflow Results screen. 


How do the turn this on? We want to be able to check when the workflow is invoked via API


12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

My experience is minimal with the API but if it functions in the same form as a macro you might want to check out the Alteryx X-ray Macro. It allows you to see some of the data flow from within a macro (!app/X-Ray-Browse-Macro/546263f939... ). There are also "Show All Macro Messages" in the Workflow configuration. Hopefully this helps with the log files, but it's not a guarantee.

7 - Meteor

Hi andrewkim80916,


Thanks, that is a really cool macro. But my problem is that when the workflow is run via the API, the run does not show up like a run normally would, if the workflow was run by a user from the Gallery, e.g.





No runs from the Workflow show up here. It would be good to see the runs also show up under the user that run the workflow via the API

11 - Bolide



You should be able to use the MongoDB Input to pull the results logs, etc for the workflow sitting underneath the API using the AppID/WorkflowID.  However, I believe that the workflow will always show up as having been run by the Server.

7 - Meteor



How do I find out (while inside the workflow) what is the workflows own AppID and WorkflowID ?  Is there an environment variable that tells me?




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Check out the post that talks about how to get your API key for the Gallery.

Once you get there, on the right side of the page is the link to "Visit the interactive API documentation..." which is for your own Gallery.

You should be able to work through the process, but there are specific calls for each of the components of appID, jobID, etc.

With the interactive tool, you can actually place calls directly to an app and see the responses.

7 - Meteor



Update: According to the product team at Alteryx, 


I’ve heard from our Products team that currently there is no way to make the API runs show up in the Workflow Results section of the Gallery. 

The recommendation is to use the entries in MongoDB to check those workflow results. For more information on how to query the embedded MongoDB, take a look at the article below:

So it looks like MongoDB is the right approach.






10 - Fireball

Hello, I developed a 'Gallery Runner App' that will allow you to run workflows from Gallery and Publish that back again and run in Gallery. Interested Contact me.  This is a Macro that you can Insert into a workflow that can run as many workflows as to want in series or parallel. 




I don't want to put it in public yet. 


gallery runner.jpg





8 - Asteroid

Hi Joseph,


I would be very interested in getting a copy of this macro. 



Matt Bechard

7 - Meteor

Hi Joseph,

I would like to have copy of this workflow as well. Can you share it with me?