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Read a tool XML from within the actual workflow?

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I know we can scrape a workflow in its entirety from its saved location to read the underlying XML. I also see that we can display the XML in the configuration pane as a user setting option. Is there a way to capture the XML of a specific tool from within the workflow itself? Currently one can select the tool and view (& C/P) the XML - I'd like to output it somehow w/o building a massive parse formula for the entire solution. I'd like to capture comments and export to a file - automagically! 

Any thoughts on getting the displayed XML out?



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Hi @No-Sass ,


we had a similar issue in the past. You can use macros and action tools to modify the XML. E.g. using a Batch macro you can exchange XML settings in the formula tool depending on the input.


As far as I know there is no way to access the XML from a tool in another way.