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5 - Atom

To use this connector you need 2 sets of credentials; User ID/PW and the Client ID/PW.


The Client ID/PW require special privileges in ServiceNow that allow you to register an Application Endpoint. Without it you can not connect.


The next best method is to use Powershell and connect via api. Create a standard API call with a json result and load that into Alteryx.

6 - Meteoroid

Experiencing the exact same issue as luk above

7 - Meteor

After testing the new version, it appears to be much more functional now 😊


I’m trying to figure out why the Fields setting is being stubborn and not providing a place to enter any.

Selecting the filter icon (arrowed below in red) displays two options:  All and Selected – yet both options appear to have the same effect.  Both options appear to deliver identical results, containing every field available for the selected table (i.e., sys_user, cmdb_ci, etc.)






Could this be related to the red display message seen below?  To my surprise, the input tool still provides results despite this message.




5 - Atom

Hi, anyone experiencing issues when trying to pull all data of around 150k rows but the output is only around 5k? This happens when you try to add more columns to the query.

5 - Atom

Any time I try using this module it comes back with "Error: ServiceNow Input (1): Internal error: Failed to read port assignment" and "Error: ServiceNow Input (1): Internal Error - Deadlock detected (@1)" has anyone else experienced anything like this? I am on Alteryx Designer 2023.1.1.247.

7 - Meteor

@tbezold if you have not already resolved your field filter issue, I got a good response from Alteryx Support.   sys_db_object is the table the ServiceNow tool queries to get the table names you can use in the tool and sys_dictionary is the one the tool uses to list the fields on each table (getting access to this for our API user resolved the field filter function)