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15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Please, don't deprecate this tool. The new one (Tableau Output) is extremely slow, doesn't provide enough info on the upload process, and has no output anchor with the results.

Besides, when you select Disable all tools that Write Output from the Runtime workflow configuration, the new one is not disabled, causing the users a potential risk of overwriting existing data sources.


11 - Bolide

Hi @Aguisande ,


I was going to evaluate a switch to the new Tableau Output tool but given your feedback and a lot of people comment on the Tableau Output page, I'm now really scared about this.

On our side we have our own macro at the moment since we are using PAT and this was not supported by Alteryx at the time we developed it.


We are keen to move to Tableau Output in the future as we would like to leverage DCM for all sort of authentication stored in tools..



7 - Meteor

It is extremely frustrating when a "new" version of a tool takes so many steps backwards.  Extremely slow performance, no info on the upload process, and no output anchor with the results are three HUGE drawbacks.  It does handle PATs which I need, but it broke so many workflows in many other ways.  SMH.