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Bengaluru, IN

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Bangalore Alteryx User Group Q4 2018 - December 15, 2018

10 - Fireball


Alteryx family of Bangalore,

We are back with the latest Quarterly User Group meet. Like always, we have attempted to make the event different and very interesting for all of you. The location for this event is surely going to make very happy because you are going to be in love with the food, the scenic beauty and above all the people whom you would meet and greet there. Looking forward to meet all of you at  - Sai Krushna Mandir.

 So come and join us by registering at the following link:

 Register here ... at the earliest

(Registration is Mandatory so that we can manage the logistics to and from the location. It is surely going to be a fun ride. )


  • Introduction/Welcome: 10 mins

  • What has happened since we last met:  10 mins

  • Updates from INSPIRE  by Yug and Nez: 10 mins
  • Women of Analytics: 10 mins

  • Alteryx Latest Releases: 10 mins

  • Use cases: 30 mins

  • Lunch Break:60 mins
  • Contest-time (Alteryx tips & tricks): 20 mins

  • Conclusion: 10 min

  • Networking: 60 min

Did you miss our Q3 Meet? Here is a quick flashback:

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Here's some more of the fun times

What happened in London???

 If you are interested in presenting Alteryx Use cases or talking about How has Alteryx helped in your organization/you, please reach out to us on the emails mentioned on the registration page or message over here.

 Looking forward to seeing you at the event.

The hashtag for this event is  #Alteryxwithaview. So let's get it trending. Please use this in all the posts/tweets/Instagram posts.



10 - Fireball

Hi Everyone, 


Here's your last chance to get onto that bus which leaves next weekend to an amazing location to #alteryxwithaview. 



Request you all of you to register at the earliest and pass around the message.Please register by this weekend so that it would be helpful to plan the logistics and other related activities.


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Looking forward to seeing all of you at the event.