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you were great, and ready for phase 2

7 - Meteor

Thanks for Friday. That was neat. Pictures as below. Some takeways :

- The depth of the debate during the sessions shows there is ample base to go deeper into the contents. What springs to mind as topics:

  • how does one move from a staging/POC environment to production=> use of crew macro's or self-designed macros to combine flows, how to document, how to do the migration and not loose the ins and outs, scheduling and use of server...
  • use cases and theory on predictive
  • how to import and connect to external databases, web, URL? (question from Paulo)
  • implementing Alteryx requires change management vs IT, getting management sponsorship... How to?

- next steps:

  • there was a general interest to repeat the live session, a Friday-afternoon from 2to4. Interested to host? Let's take that off line. As indication on timing, pencil in the Fridays in Feb
  • Hakim volunteered to animate a session on predictive next time
  • I'll circulate the attendees list would you want bilateral contacts (let me know if you do not want your name on teh list)
  • Know any alteryx user or someone strongly interested? Spread the word and invite them to the user group.
  • and most of all, post your questions on the community page!




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7 - Meteor

A very interesting meeting!
I will definitely be around the next one if possible.

Topics that would interest me a lot:

- Practical lesson: Building  Iterative / Batch Macros, the difference between them, which to choose and general tips 'n tricks ( read the docs, but the specifics  remains elusive until now) 

- A Freestyle Hackathon! Start from a ( not too simple but not too hard)  problem and a data set, see what everyone produces, get some tips from Dirk on vital blocks we probably never used before etc...

- Connecting to APIs: common types and strategies


The meeting definitely sparked an interest, hence i decided to enter in this week's Alteryx Challenge


Took a completely different route compared with what was posted before and generated a lovely Data Dandelion :)

Looking forward to the next iteration.

10 - Fireball

It truly was a pleasure to meet all of you, discover new ways of using Alteryx and being part of the first Belgian meeting of Alteryx. The first amongst many others!


I already started picking some business cases involving the predictive tools of Alteryx without diving too much into the statistics.


As for @JefBus I like your idea of a Hackathon but it would be difficult to realize. Mainly because we all use Alteryx in different ways (and that's the beauty of it) so would be difficult to put some challenge into it.

But the idea of Macro's building is interesting. 


See you all very soon! and don't hesitate to use the forums to stay in touch for any questions and suggestions!


(And I was right, this T-shirt definitely looks awesome) 



7 - Meteor



It was very interesting and pleasant at the same time.


Looking forward to the next session :)