10 - Fireball

Hello everyone!


I had the chance to get my hands on Alteryx thanks to Udacity, and I have been amazed how great it is! I wish I can help you convince Belgian's companies the benefits of switching to Alteryx.

I had the chance to talk with a few Business Analyst and none of them ever used Alteryx. Let's change that !

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Hakimipous I am loving your energy and you have definitely come to the right place! Hopefully you can make it on 20th October. There definitely will be lots of conversation and dialog around Alteryx and who uses it! :)


Welcome to the User Group!

10 - Fireball

I'll definitely try to be there x)Thanks for coming in Belgium !

6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone!

I am working in the media industry as Data Viz Expert for Havas Media Belgium :-)

We use Alteryx since last year but we only scratched the surface of its huge potential since then!

Thanks to this tool along with Tableau Software, we can create automatized media investments reports instead of fastidious updatings of Powerpoint presentations :)


But there are so much things we could optimize through this great tool.

As I am the only one to use it for the moment, the learning is quite slow with the day-to-day workload... So I am eager to share my short Alteryx experience with other users and, most of all, learn from them!


I hope I will be able to participate to the "meeting" of 20th of October.

A bientôt!

5 - Atom

Already 6 months working with Alteryx + Tableau. Awesome tools! Looking forward to share our success story...

7 - Meteor

Fully agree. Working on Altered for close to 2 years now (in banking, BNPParibas). We started it of in London, but the use is becoming commonplace rapidly.


In an area of digitalization and agility,  established banks have a challenge to blend their zillions of legacy databases into something useable. Altered does just that and more. Looking forward to see you the 20th!