Let's look for new Alteryx addicts!

7 - Meteor

Hi everyone,


Personally, I think that our second Belgium UG meeting - Hosted by Levi's - was a very nice step forward to share thoughts and knowledge about Alteryx & data challenges.

A big thank you to Paulo Melancia and Joris Eelen for making this possible.

Thanks as well to the people presenting : Olivia & François from SIRIUS Insight, Megi Hoxha from Levi's & Koen Coetsier from BNPP.

And of course, thanks to Patrick for being the guide throughout the session.


Looking forward to a new gathering in September or October.


I hope to welcome new guests, new faces then.

Please join me in looking for those Alteryx addicts!

And please remember, anyone who would like to present their specific use case - we will applaud your initiative.