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Today we kicked off the ultimate Analytics for All event. A big part of Inspire is the unveiling of groundbreaking new Alteryx products that revolutionize the way organizations approach their data-driven decision-making. Today’s announcements include our Generative AI innovations, Designer and Server enhancements around enterprise readiness and cloud-friendly capabilities, and innovations to our cloud-native solutions like Alteryx Location Intelligence. 


Generative AI Meets Trusted Analytics 


We are pleased to introduce Alteryx AiDIN, the AI engine that infuses the power of generative AI & Machine Learning (ML) across the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. Alteryx AiDIN combines the intuitive and powerful nature of generative AI with the trusted, secure, and enterprise-grade capabilities of the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform, and is built to help anyone accelerate intelligent decisions across the enterprise. As we evolve our offerings at Alteryx, we are focused on deeply integrating generative AI capabilities into our analytics platform, including two new AiDIN features that have been released at Inspire: 


  • Magic Documents, a new Alteryx Auto Insights feature that uses generative AI to create dynamic content for users, revolutionizing data insights reporting and sharing with stakeholders. This feature provides unparalleled data visualization summaries, as well as seamless PowerPoint, email, and message generation capabilities for tailored audiences. This unique fusion of technologies empowers users to rapidly uncover valuable insights, make better, faster, data-driven decisions, and communicate quickly and effectively with any stakeholder. 

 Extra -- Presentation generated.png


  • The Workflow Summary Tool for Alteryx Designer enables users to automatically generate workflow summaries in natural language to understand and document their processes more effectively. This enables easier governance as well as communication and auditability of all workflow data processes and data pipelines.   


Workflow Summary.png

Users can drop the Workflow Summary Tool onto an existing canvas to generate natural language descriptions of what that workflow does. 


Enhancements to Designer and Server 


Alteryx announced the general availability of the newest, enterprise-ready and cloud-connected version of the Alteryx Designer and Server portfolio – 2023.1 as well as a new licensing portal for admins. Highlights include: 

  • Control Containers, which has been the most requested capability on the Alteryx Community ever! With Control Containers, users can manage the execution order of logic in a workflow right from the canvas. By sequencing different containers together, Designer users gain more control over their read and write and capabilities, optimize performance of their workflows, improve automation, and deepen the analytics of the workflows themselves. 
  • Alteryx is introducing several Enterprise Utilities alongside the 23.1 release, one to allow customers to manage their telemetry analytics and another one to migrate workflows from one Server environment to another to go from development, to test, to production.
  • With 23.1, Designer users can now authenticate with AWS Secrets Manager and can now easily connect to virtualized data with a new connector for Denodo. 
  • Coming this summer, Alteryx Designer and Server customers will soon be able to use the new Cloud Execution for Desktop capability to save, schedule, and run their Alteryx Designer-built workflows within the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform. Cloud Execution for Desktop allows customers to extend their use cases into the cloud. 


Additionally, we're excited to share some big news about our new developer center, Alteryx IO. Alteryx IO is designed to meet you where you are, whether you’re an experienced coder or just starting out. Use our step-by-step installation guides, look at existing sample tools, or collaborate with other developers through the developer forum. With a variety of self-paced tools and content at your fingertips, users can create new impactful analytics solutions for Alteryx products.  


Expanding Cloud Functionality 


Alteryx has continued momentum with our platform’s cloud native offerings by adding spatial analysis for all employees, simplifying the process of creating a predictive model, and enabling the self-service building of analytic apps to further democratize insights.  


  • Unlock location-based insights with Location Intelligence. Use Alteryx Location Intelligence to uncover insights within your spatial data—no matter your level of experience. It provides analytics capabilities, including summarization by area calculations; customizable visualizations that enable you to easily create and share insights from location data. These powerful, easy to use analytics capabilities enable all business users to quickly identify patterns and trends in their location data, which can inform important business decisions. Connectors to cloud data warehouses make this incredibly simple and because of the in-database processing with those cloud data warehouses it’s lightning-fast to create location-based insights. Spatial analytics is no longer reserved for the few, this is spatial analytics for all.  



  • Alteryx Machine Learning Improvements: Alteryx Machine Learning has made its Automated Machine Learning platform faster and easier to use for building predictive models.  
  • The new Problem Setup step shortens the process of getting started, making it easier to upload and prepare data, and select a problem type.  
  • Plans Integration allows users to use Designer Cloud workflows as input to new and existing ML models, and to create custom ML prediction tasks that can schedule predictions automatically. The new Python Export capability allows business users and analysts to easily export models in Python code. 
  • Alteryx has made a strategic investment in Fiddler, a pioneer in Model Performance Management, to improve model management with increased governance.
  • New Platform Service: App Builder. The Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform Service, Alteryx App Builder, reduces the time and effort required to develop analytic apps, democratizes business insights for a wide range of users, and provides near-real-time results, accelerating the decision-making process.  


We are excited about our new enterprise readiness and connected cloud enhancements to Designer and Server, as well as our expanded functionality in the cloud like Alteryx Location Intelligence, and our generative AI capabilities with Alteryx AiDIN.  Our teams are innovating at a faster pace than ever before, equipping our customers and partners with innovations like these to deliver insights faster and on a wider scale.   


To learn more, watch the announcement keynotes at Inspire and take our products for a spin with a free trial today!

suresh vittal
Chief Product Officer

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.

Suresh is responsible for the strategic vision of Alteryx’s leading analytics and data science innovation, playing a critical role in setting the company’s product and cloud strategy.