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error while saving workflow in Gallery: RuntimeError: Internal Error: DecryptPassword -

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you @brucedataguy for the details.


I installed the latest version of "Salesforce Input Tool v4.1.0" on the Server Designer 2020.3.

But when i configured the "Salesforce Input Tool" its giving below error, although the credentials were validated successfully. Any pointers what might be the issue?




Thank you,


8 - Asteroid

Hi Danish,


This error I did not see before.

You might google this "Traceback" error.

It seems like you might have some mismatch either in the version of SF Input tool on your local machine vs. server, or the registry needs to be changed on *every Server worker node*, and your local machine.


If you don't find anything,  raise a ticket with Support.  They have been very helpful on this topic when I approached them at different steps along the way to troubleshoot what was going wrong.  My guess is they will immediately know what causes this problem.


Let me know what you find out.


5 - Atom

I received a response from Alteryx support re: what does "hide" encryption mean.  I wanted to post to this thread for future reference:


By default, the Alteryx Products published Python SDK Data Connector Tools (Azure Data Lake, Google BigQuery, OneDrive, Salesforce Input, etc.) utilize Encrypt for Machine (follow link below for additional details) credential encryption. With this encryption applied, the decryption of the credentials can only occur on the device generating the encrypted credentials.

The PythonAllowHideEncryption registry key permits the supported Alteryx Products Python SDK Data Connector Tools to be successfully ran on the Gallery. This registry entry, required both on the local Designer machine and the Server machines(s), updates the encryption method to Hide when publishing to the Gallery.

Hide: This hides the password using minimal encryption.

  • The key to decrypt the password will reside in Alteryx so there is no loss of functionality.
  • A copied tool will work on any computer for any user and they will be able to read/write any SQL.
  • Analytic Apps and Schedules will be able to use this password.
  • We do not recommend using the Hide method when sharing workflows with individuals that you would not want to have access to your credentials.