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What do the Types in the usageReports Mongo Collection mean?

14 - Magnetar


I'm currently in the process of enabling Designer Usage reporting with our Alteryx Server, and am testing some of this functionality.

In looking at the Alteryx Server Usage report, I found filters for types 0 and 10.

I am currently seeing types 10 and 12 in my database so far.

Is there a list of all valid types in the usageReports collection and the corresponding values?



Hi @Claje


Here is what the types mean:


Has SeatGuid - Alteryx 11.7 and previous

0 - Workflow run

2 - Search and Profiling


Version Does Not Matter

11 - Install or Upgrade


No SeatGuid - 11.8 through 2018.x

10 - Workflow run

12 - Search

400 - Profiling



14 - Magnetar

Thank you very much! That's really helpful!

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @JeffF 


I am just going through the usageReport that is generated and spotted two new record types being created:


  • Type 14 - Looking at the Data field it has results like "[{"Shepherding":[{"Startup Tour Screen Displayed":false,"Tour Started":false}]}]". Is this recording the times when the Alteryx executable is loaded? It seems to be only picking up post 2019.1 is this correct?
  • Type 15 - I've only got one record in this so not sure what it's supposed to show, but the Data field it's data is "{"UseClassicMode":false}" What does this show?


Thanks in advance





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Hi @cgoodman3,


I suppose that you have 2019.2 beta installed because, as you mentioned, these types appear post 2019.1:



14 - Shepherding (If the user enables the Designer tour and how far they get)

15 - Interactive Results Grid or Classic Mode for Input/Output search




Paul Noirel

Sr Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hi @PaulN 


Yes I have the 2019.2 beta installed so that's why these types are only coming through for me as a user.


An additional set of questions while I have you:

1) The 400 type what does this contain? It's coming back with things like "{"Profiling":"Bins: 75, limit: 10000"}"

2) Is it possible to get a unique ID for the workflow (either filename or an ID) as the usage data is per run, so when doing things like tool count used it would be interesting to remove duplicates where a user might press run several times while building a workflow

3) Is it possible to get the tool dragged from the toolbar as well as the tool dragged from the search bar?




Check out my collaboration with fellow ACE Joshua Burkhow at AlterTricks.com