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View Schedules of a workflow created by other user

6 - Meteoroid



One of my colleagues created a workflow and he added me as a artisan to the gallery where the workflow is hosted. However, i can't see the runs of the workflow and only he can see see what failed and what ran.

I tried seeing it from the designer view schedule but it is slow and going to the results tab takes hours.

Any other solution that might help?

11 - Bolide

@rajatjain your colleague could add events to that workflow to email you when it runs/fails- if that is what you are trying to see in the schedule.  (to add events click anywhere on the canvas and go to the "Events" section in the configuration window) 



Just adding to this.


You will only be able to share schedules on the gallery if you are in the same Studio/subscription (unless you have admin privileges).


Also, the reason for the results tab taking so long will be the amount of results stored. There is a checkbox in the System Settings where you can select to only keep results for a certain amount of time.


In addition, with the 2018.4 release Alteryx Server now supports sharing of schedules among all users in a Studio  https://help.alteryx.com/ReleaseNotes/Server/Server_2018.4.htm.