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Unable to translate alias when scheduling workflows on Alteryx Server

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Hi everyone,


I have created a workflow which uses a Input Data connection that reads a SQL server database. The connection is created in Alteryx Designer by selecting the connection from the Gallery. When saving the workflow to the Gallery, I set the workflow to use my specific credentials so that it can be scheduled.


When running the workflow in the Gallery manually, it works fine. However, if I schedule the workflow it suddenly complains to not be able to translate the alias as per the screenshot below



I've read the troubleshooting guide but it does not seem to address this case, or am I missing something?




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Yes, you need to select a connection from Saved Data Connections, but you need to make sure you are selecting a Gallery Connection not User Connection. In other words, after you navigate to Saved Data Connections window, select a connection from Your Company's Gallery option, not from My Computer option.


You can also go to Options Menu -> Advanced Options -> Manage Data Connections to review which ones are of type User or Gallery. Always select Gallery type when publishing workflows.




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Hi @TanyaS 


The same appears to be true for Workflow Credentials shared with a Studio/Subscription when the schedule is edited. Are you also tracking this bug?


Also, can you please help us out by publishing these in the Known issues listed with the Release notes? It would be sooo much easier for us to be able to see them all in a single location rather than digging through the community chats.

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Although I haven't seen it in the release notes, it seems to work now with 2019.4. A connection shared with a studio can be used by a user in the studio.


What still does not work for us is scheduling via the controller token (so not using the gallery). Whenever we do this the same error translating alias appears.

Does someone have information about this?

I reached out to support but haven't heard anything unfortunately.