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URGENT:How to assign one tag for multiple workflows or collections in Alteryx gallery

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Hi All,

I have a question regarding tagging a workflow on Alteryx gallery.
Could you please tell me can one tag work for multiple collections or we have to create workflows wise different tags?

Because if I assigned the same tag to two different workflows which are in different collection then it wont work for me?

It is work only if I add one tag for one workflow.

How to manage one tag with different workflows in gallery? Could you please suggest

Thank you so much


Hi @alt_tush 


Tags are separate from collections and in no way affect where they reside within a collection. To answer your question directly, yes it is possible to add a single workflow to multiple collections, this is done through the 'Sharing' button rather than adding a tag.

Tags only affect districts




through the sharing section i choose the collection I want to add the workflow to and as you can see below the workflow is now on the 'Legal' and 'Finance' collections at the same time








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Hi C-Lopez,


Thank you for your reply 🙂


Sharing a workflows in collection is ok for me.


I am working on TAGs where I have added one tag using alteryx setting to run the workflow from main server i.e. controller instead of workers.


But when I apply same tag for different workflows it wont work from me.

I want to assing single tag to multiple workflows so those particular workflows will run from main server instead of re-direct to another worker servers.


Thank you 🙂

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Hi @alt_tush,


Could you clarify  "when I apply same tag for different workflows it wont work from me" please? What exactly is preventing you from using same tag for multiple workflows?


Tags are configured on the worker side (see my answer to your original question for reference: So, it is expected to use same tag for multiple workflows if said workflows need to run on the same worker(s). 









Hi @alt_tush,


I will expand a bit on tagging for future readers and then I have a suggestion for you at the end of the post 🙂


There are 2 kinds of tagging when it comes to workflows


1. Tagging workflows into a District group them together based on a tag on the public Gallery. This mode of tagging is done in the Gallery after the workflow has been saved to Server and does not affect which worker will be used to execute the workflow.



2. Tagging a workflow to execute with a specific worker. This mode of tagging is done before saving to the Gallery during the upload process. At this time you will see the 'Worker Tag' on the 'Save Workflow' menu, this is where you assign which worker to run with, if none are selected then the worker with the lowest quality of service will run the workflow.



@alt_tush, I think this is what is happening. Your main worker and the other workers probably have the same quality of service and a common tag, so if the main worker is busy and the other workers also have the tag given to the workflow then they will pick the available work. You can find the worker tags on the 'System Settings' of each individual worker




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Hi Paul,


Thank you for your response.


Could you clarify  "when I apply same tag for different workflows it wont work from me" please? What exactly is preventing you from using same tag for multiple workflows?

when I apply same tag for different workflows it wont work from me - Yes it wont work from me.

Let me explain my issue

I have main server - where sql odbc driver is installed which is call controller or main server or parent server. Also I have another server which we called node server where the odbc driver is not installed.


When I run the workflow from gallery it works from my main server perfectly fine. But when we introduced the child/node server. My workflow redirect to child server while running and it gives me odbc driver error because same driver is not installed on my child server.


But when I did tagging it run perfectly fine for me. Workflow run from main server only where odbc driver is installed.

But at the same time if I assigned same tag to other workflow as well in my gallery then both the workflow got failed.


If I removed the first workflow tag and assigned it to my second workflow then second workflow also worked. But if I tag both the workflow then it wont run from gallery its failed.


So my concern here is there possibility to assigned one tag to multiple workflows and those workflows run from parent server instead of redirect to secondary server.


Thank you again 🙂🙂





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Yes, you can give the same tag to all workflows. First of all what you need to do is get yourself assigned the permission of "Tag Jobs"(see snapshot), you can check in "my profile" section in the gallery and if you do not have the permission, please reach out to server admin for permission.


Steps after that:

- The controller (or any other node) you have to ask the admin to assign a tag which you want to use in the worker settings. Once this is done, you can move to next step.

- While uploading the workflow you can select from which node you want to run the workflow. (in you case it is controller)

- In case you have already scheduled the workflow, you can go to your schedule and edit the schedule. You will see an option of "Assigned Worker", in that you will need to select that tag which you will see in the dropdown. (see snapshot)

- From next time whenever the schedule will run, it will run from that node itself.

- Also, once you have this tag permissions, for every manual run, you will be asked for from which node you want to run your workflow.