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Transpose/Crosstabs Help

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I'm still new to Alteryx and I'm attempting to change Figure 1 below to look like Figure 2. I've been trying to work with the Crosstabs or Transpose tools in order to create Figure 2 but I'm either using the tools incorrectly or using the wrong tools altogether. If anyone has some insight, I would appreciate it! Thanks!


Figure 1

2019-07-24 08_42_28-Alteryx Designer x64 - Ancillary Upsell Workflow.yxmd_.png


Figure 2

2019-07-24 08_46_12-Book1 - Excel.png


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @calmeria 


To pivot the Column names you can use the Cross-Tab Tool.

Group by BuyUpDate, use BuyUpType as Column Names and Count as Value.


You can also drag a Summarize tool and calculate the total separately, grouping by BuyUpDate (parallel yo your Cross-Tab tool, not after). 

Then, use the Join tool to append the Total column to your pivoted table, using BuyUpDate as the linking field.



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It worked! Thank you!