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Unable to connect to Teradata ODBC 32 bit

7 - Meteor



One of my co worker wants to download Alteryx, during the install process, he get an error message, I have attached the screenshot of the error message. 


Should he abort the install process or ignore and continue to install. Anybody know the reason for this error message?

Is he missing some exe file on his computer ? or is there some sort of anti virus or the security team has blocked something on his computer? 


He has aborted couple of times and uninstalled and re installed and he still gets the same error messages, so after couple of times, he ignored and continued to install, he was able to install Alteryx.


After the installation, he is trying to connect to Teradata ODBC 32 bit, he cant seem to connect, the only error message he gets is 'File cannot be found", Is this an issue because he has Teradata 16 on his machine? or is it something else?


I am not sure what is causing the issue, couple of months ago i installed Alteryx on my machine and i had no problem in connecting to Teradata ODBC 32 bit.


Any help on this 2 issues is greatly appreciated.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello @harsha_rappan

Is your co-worker trying to download Designer from our downloads page? Or are they being provided a copy of the download file.
Please direct them to licenses.alteryx.com to access the downloads and let me know if the error continues.


For the second question, please upload a copy of the workflow, so the community can check how the ODBC connection is set up.



Community Moderator
7 - Meteor

My co worker this time downloaded from licenses.alteryx.com as you mentioned, thank you providing the link.

I am attaching the step by step process followed trying to connect to odbc 32 bit teradata.


Any help is truly appreciated.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@harsha_rappan ,


Do you have the Teradata driver installed and configured? In the window where you add your user name and password, you will see OBDC admin. You can select that and prepare the driver. We suggest using the System setup for your drivers. You may need your database admin to help you with this setup.


Also, we do not recommend using a 32bit driver. These drivers are extremely slow and recommend the 64bit driver if you can.