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Scheduled Alteryx Server workflows goes into Disabled mode

7 - Meteor

Hello community,

Our organization is currently experiencing a very annoying issue with scheduled workflows on the Alteryx server which we have not been able to resolve. So far support has not come up with a solution either, so I am now posting here in the community forum hoping that someone might have seen this issue before.

Short description of the issue:
We are running an Alteryx Server with Gallery, which we use to schedule workflows. On a frequent basis - but with no apparent pattern - we see that all our scheduled workflows simultaneously goes from the "Active" state and into being "Disabled" (see image below). When we click "edit schedule" on the disabled workflows it shows this error in red text: "The workflow cannot be accessed. Request access or delete the schedule." The admin then have to re-enable all scheduled workflows manually by checking the "Enable this schedule" box.


As mentioned, we have not found any cause or pattern for this to happen - sometimes it happens within a week, sometimes a month.



Our setup and what we have tried:
Alteryx server version: 2018.4.5.55178
Alteryx Designer version: 2018.4.3.54046

We have a handful of users (Artisans) who schedule workflows from their Alteryx Designer and onto our internal Alteryx Server Gallery. We use "built in authentication" which enables us to lookup users in our current AD and let them run workflows in their own user context (after they have supplied their AD credentials in the "Workflow credentials" admin section).

  • Authentication type, admin and default run mode are set as below:

  • In the "Workflow credentials" section, our users enter their AD credentials so they are stored in the system:
  • We have set "Require user credentials", so that users will have to enter their own AD user credentials when running/scheduling workflows:
  • In the "Workflows" section, workflows are scheduled and run in the users own context (we do not use "Run as a different user" in the server settings):

The scheduled workflows seem to run fine for quite a while (sometimes a few weeks, sometimes a month), but then at some point they all simultaneously change to the "Disabled" state. We have investigated and tried the following:

  • Checked if the server had crashed, been rebooted, patched or if the Alteryx Service had crashed.
  • Made sure it wasn't the users changing their AD password/credentials (which would also make their workflows change to "Disabled"). Since all workflows for all users go into Disabled simultaneously, this seems unlikely.
  • Checked if the credentials for the account running the AlteryxService was changed
  • Checked if the Private Studio all the workflows are added to belonged to a disabled user
  • Tried to add more ressource to the server (CPU and memory).
  • Upgraded Alteryx Designer and Server from a previous version
  • We have not been able to find any specific events in the server or Alteryx logs that could point us in the right direction (but may not know what to look for). Getting logs has also been a bit challenging as it's impossible to say when the issue will happen.

If anyone has seen this issue before, or have any input for the troubleshooting I would be very happy to hear it!

Thank you

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Kristian,


I am sorry to see that you are facing this issue again.


Could you please be in touch with Alteryx Customer Support ( so our team could follow-up with you?


As your issue seems to happen randomly. Upgrade the server seemed to fixed it at the end of last year, in order to help with the analysis, could you please provide the following with your email:


  1. Server configuration file: C:\Program Data\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml
  2. Gallery logs (default location: C:\Program Data\Alteryx\Logs)
  3. Service logs (default location: C:\Program Data\Alteryx\Service)
  4. Computer specifications (report generated via msinfo32.exe)
  5. Event Viewer logs (System and Application)
  6. Type of architecture (single node versus multiple node)
  7. Do you use Insights?


This kind of issues could have multiple root causes, including Gallery search engine (Lucene) being locked.


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Sr Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx

7 - Meteor

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the reply.


We will monitor the server and the next time we see the "Disabled workflows" issue happen, we will collect and forward the requested information to support.


Best regards

5 - Atom

We are also having same exact issue, did you find any solution for this? 



7 - Meteor

Unfortunately not, I have created a new case with support, but no solution so far. It's interesting you experience the same issue and error message - do you run a similar setup as the one I have described (Gallery with built in Windows authentication etc)? I'd be happy to hear more about your experiences and what you have tried to solve it.

5 - Atom

Yes - we too have similar setup, we are running into this issue almost every other week. one reason we are thinking can be with our daily backups - we are thinking to change this to weekly. Just to avoid unforeseen abrupt stopping of services


i am working with support (Case #00275997 ), may be you can pass this case # to your Alt engineer - so they can consolidate the efforts. 

7 - Meteor

I have forwarded your case number to the engineer - hopefully support can find the cause and solution as this issue really limits the purpose of running a Gallery with scheduled workflows.


If you get any breakthrough please let me know - we will do the same.

5 - Atom

Even we are facing the same issue. It looks like the issue with Mongo or the workflow is not reachable the time it is scheduled.

6 - Meteoroid

Hey - Not sure if this will work for everyone or not, but we just experienced the same issue.  How we resolved the problem was to go back and re-add users to the permissions section.  Our issue was three users reports ran successfully and did not become disabled while three others did not run and did become disabled.  We added those users back under the permissions tab and so far the issue has been resolved.  We are still searching trying to figure out why the users disappeared from the permissions section.

8 - Asteroid

A longshot perhaps but if you assign a user to a different private studio all the workflows they scheduled will be switched to Disabled. Is this what is happening perhaps?