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Scheduled Alteryx Server workflows goes into Disabled mode

thats not the case with us, we still dont have an RCA . However, our last occurrence of disabled schedules had some reason to it - the subscription has reached its end date.  Once the subscription reaches its end date - the schedules are going to disabled state. 


this is just one possibility. I am not totally sure what all scenarios could lead to disabled schedules. 


@Wesley Thanks for the input. We have not experienced any users disappearing from the permissions tab and most of the time (but not all) we have seen that all scheduled workflows become disabled and not only for specific users.

@RoelEsselink We have not re-assigned users to different private studios, we use the same one for all users in our current setup.


In our case the studio stayed the same. 


We are experiencing the same issue - for one user only (at least for now).

Did any of you find a cause for this happening?


Unfortunately we did not find the cause but just the solution.  We have not had anymore issues with this recently.


Thank you - unfortunately i don't think the root cause is the same on our case as there were no changes on the users permissions...

We've opened a ticket with Alteryx Support - from experience I can say that the chances are slim for them to provide a viable reason for this happening. 


Was there any fix for this issue ?

We came across the same issue for multiple users.



No system fix.  We manually entered the users back in and that solved the issue.   


Unfortunately we have not been able to find the cause or a fix for this either. We still have several users that have all their workflows disabled and we have to manually enable all of them afterwards, which is a big issue for the stability of our operations.


Hoping the Alteryx engineers and support can find a cause and solution soon.