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MongoDB actual run time of workflow

7 - Meteor

I am trying to get the actual running time of workflows from the Mongo database but so far all I can find is the CreationDateTime and CompletionDateTime in the AS_Queue.  However CreationDateTime is the time the server started to queue the workflow and not the actual start of the workflow running.


Can anyone help in where I can find this level of information?




After searching around some more I have found the data in the __ServiceData Blob

7 - Meteor

I don't think there is one directly, maybe in the audit tables,.... but currently I macgyver it using the column like 'execution time' as in how many seconds it took the workflow to execute, and you can use this to find the actual time of execution by subtracting it from the Completion time,


I also use it in a similar fashion to get 'queue time' by taking the remainder of subtracting the execution time from the difference between CompletionDateTime and CreationDateTime

8 - Asteroid

You are correct about the JOB_CREATION_DATETIME and JOB_COMPLETION_DATETIME from the AS_Queue collection.  The timestamp that you're after is the RESULT_EXECUTION_STARTTIME within the AS_Results collection.  It refers to the exact moment when the AlteryxEngineCmd.exe was spawned to run the workflow.


The time difference between JOB_CREATION_DATETIME and the RESULT_EXECUTION_STARTTIME is referred to as the 'queue time'.