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Gallery goes inaccessible frequently ('404 - File or directory not found error')


Hi Alteryx Team,


Post upgrading to 2018.4 we notice our Alteryx gallery goes inaccessible frequently & we get '404 - File or directory not found error'.


Can you please help to identify issue here?




In this case I would recommend you check your logs. Their location depends on how you set up your Alteryx System settings on the Server. But in a typical install they are located at C:\programdata\alteryx\service.


To verify the location of yours, please go to your Alteryx System settings under Controller-->General. You will also find logs in the Gallery directory that may be of some assistance.


I will also check Windows log - some version back when we had the issue - Gallery service got interupted by mongo DB processor

or As any Software vendor says "Upgrade... " if possible